Chemical Watch

Chemical Watch provides the global business community with the facts and perspectives it needs to achieve safer chemicals in products.

Chemical Watch provides a 360 degree view of this agenda, impartially reporting on the actions and opinions of all stakeholders in our community. The company has a strong shared sense of purpose, fuelled by motivated staff who want to make a difference with their work.


Composites UK

Composites UK is the trade association for companies working in the UK’s fibre-reinforced polymer composite supply chain. Its focus is to encourage and promote its 330+ member companies through furthering knowledge, lobbying government via the Composites Leadership Forum, facilitating networking and supporting industry growth. 

Converter Magazine

Converter Magazine

Converter is the longest established specialist international monthly publication covering the diverse and dynamic converting, packaging, printing and associated industries. This includes flexible packaging, foil, flexographic and offset printing, digital printing, nonwovens, cartons, labels and labelling, paper and board and ancillary converting processes such as static elimination, components, drives and controls, adhesives, drying and curing and many others.

Converter has long been recognised as the leading journal in the UK and Europe with a circulation aimed at those who have the power to purchase. But its influence extends well beyond its established circulation area.

FAPU logo

FAPU Magazine

FAPU is published by KP Verlag a small independent publishing house with only one theme: POLYURETHANE.

Under the FAPU logo the magazine is published in following languages: German (Fachmagazin für die Polyurethanindustrie), English (European Polyurethane Journal) and Russian (Полиуретановый Бюллетень as a newsletter).

With more than 30 years of marketing experience in the polyurethane industry, FAPU are well grounded in knowledge and contacts to all important PU-related markets in Europe. This differentiates FAPU fundamentally from other publishing houses and publications, where polyurethane is just another material besides many other plastic types.


Gupta Verlag logo

PU Magazine International

Is a technical magazine for the global polyurethanes industry with 6 issues per year, published in English language by Dr. Gupta Verlag. The magazine is read by technical employees as well as managers and decision makers. It adheres to practical and application orientated topics relevant to polyurethane producers, processors and their suppliers. Containing scientific and technical reports, company, product and market news, event reports and book reviews.

PU Magazin is the German sister magazine of PU Magazine International, published 4 times per year, delivering information for the German speaking polyurethane industry and read by technicians and managers.


Insulate Network

Insulate Network showcases the latest insulation news, product innovations, insight, legislation updates and more. The Insulate Network has been built to inform and educate all members of the industry from specifier and housebuilder to self builder and installer. By delivering the latest news we hope to enable you to make informed decisions for future projects.


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