The foam manufacturing industry is under increasing consumer and legislative pressure to improve its sustainability credentials. From the European Commission planning to phase out manufacture of single-use plastics, to consumer demand for sustainably sourced products, there are a number of factors driving the sustainable foam agenda. 

Key issues and questions the industry faces include:

  • Recyclability: creating a circular economy for foam scrap
  • Replacing petrochemical-based materials with bio-based materials while maintaining performance
  • Removing hazardous materials to reduce volatile organic compounds (VOC) and fogging/outgassing of these chemicals into the air, or replacing flame retardants with alternatives
  • What strategies are available for optimising bio-based / hybrid foam performance?
  • What needs to be done to support further adoption of bio-based materials?
  • How can the supply chain support this?
  • How do renewable materials fit in? Are they more, or less, sustainable than bio-based materials? Which of them achieve better foam performance? 

Foam Expo Europe will focus considerable attention on the importance of sustainability and foam for transport applications and across other key verticals such as packaging, construction, and sports and leisure.


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