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About the conference

The conference at Foam Expo is Europe's first free-to-attend conference for the technical foam manufacturing supply chain. Especially designed to cover all types of foams for technical applications in the automotive, aerospace, construction, sports & leisure, medical and packaging industries, the conference highlights key drivers in the industry and the latest technologies for optimising foam performance. The agenda at-a-glance below offers you a sneak preview of what you can expect at the conference over the three days of the show.

What will you learn?

  • Learn how global supply chain issues are impacting European foam manufacturing
  • Understand how industry trends are driving innovation in the industry
  • Stay up-to-date on strategies for sustainable manufacturing and foam end-of-life
  • Take advantage of manufacturing masterclasses highlighting:
    • Foaming process control
    • Optimising material properties
    • Material selection for different applications
    • Converting and fabrication process best practice

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn about the latest trends in the technical foam supply chain and network with the industry’s leading experts for free.

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Venue address

Deutsche Messe AG
30521 Hannover


Contact us

For event enquiries, email 
[email protected] or 
call +44 1273 916 300.


Opening hours

Tuesday 16 October 09:00hrs - 16:30hrs (Launch Reception 16:30 - 18:00)
Wednesday 17 October  09:00hrs - 17:00hrs
Thursday 18 October  09:00hrs - 15:00hrs