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The 2018 conference will focus on topics including, but not limited to, the below:

Industry trends

  • Industry trends such as:
    • Flammability
    • Lightweighting
    • Sustainable and biobased materials
    • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
    • Recycling
    • Costs and industry financial issues, such as economic forecasting, lower priced production oversees
    • Regulatory impact on the industry, industry standards and government incentives
    • Innovative technology/research ready for commercialisation


  • Technical applications of foams: automotive, packaging, aerospace, construction, medical, sports & leisure industries, and any other novelty applications
  • Automotive
  • Material properties of foams including but not limited to: thermal, shock/sound absorption, lightweight, and anti-microbial applications in above mentioned industries


  • Biobased/sustainable technologies                                                       
  • Material evaluation of different Rigid and flexible foam material offerings and innovations including: PE, EVA, EPS, POE, PU, EPP, ceramic, metallic, spray foam, hybrids, composites, nanomaterials, etc.                                                      
  • Strategies for eliminating hazardous materials
  • Reviewing challenges and innovations in additives/resins/adhesives for different end-uses


  • Process improvement, cost saving, innovation, and best practice of foam moulding and fabrication
  • Testing and Quality Analysis



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