Waterjet Cutting Systems - STM

STM logoSTM is a leading provider of waterjet cutting systems. Located in Eben, Austria and Schweinfurt, Germany. For over 25 years we have developed sustainable production solutions with enthusiasm, primarily for the steel, aluminum, metal, plastic, retained composite, stone and glass industries.

STM stands for quality systems that have been developed as a modular system, unusually high customer orientation and an incomparable passion for the technology of waterjet cutting.
The fact that the production takes place in Austria not only guarantees higher safety and quality standards as compared to other manufacturers, but above all that individual production solutions can be realised. All components meet the highest requirements in terms of quality and profitability.

The customer who buys at STM always has the latest technology.The company invests greatly on research collaborations (eg. as the Fraunhofer Institute, universities) and continuous product enhancements. Commercially available brand components are invariably used, guaranteeing both short delivery times as well as minimal maintenance. And should a small fault happen, the tailored customer service fixes the problem as quickly as possible. Partnership even after the sale is an absolute must for STM!

STM customers value ease of use and personal advice. Cost optimisation and energy savings are particularly in focus. The precise adaptation to customer requirements and their individual production processes enables STM to keep the total cost to the customer low. With the STM "Construction Kit"-system the customer gets everything they need and nothing they do not need. This saves costs and space. In addition, STM focuses on the longest possible service life of the equipment. STM offers customers robust constructions, at least 10-year spare parts guarantee and extensive service and repair work. And because during a long product life demands on the machine may also change, a later modification or upgrade is possible without problems.

STM waterjet We are convinced  that: waterjet cutting is the ultimate cutting technology. Cold cut, no material hardening, nearly all materials are cuttable and extremely energy- and cost-saving at that. We therefore do everything to advance the technology and further explore the limits of what is feasible. Our own development department designs and researches for innovative solutions every day. Together with our partners and renowned research institutions, we develop the waterjet cutting systems of the future today. Industry 4.0 is not just a catchword for us. STM waterjet cutting systems enable linked working, resourcesparing manufacturing and lean just-in-time production as well as small series production. Using the waterjet cutting technology is a matter close to our hearts. We work with a number of educational institutions to give machine operators and the responsible parties of tomorrow an understanding of the advantages of waterjet cutting.

We build exactly the waterjet cutting system you need, from a small 1x1 2D cutting system all the way to a 15x4 m system with multiple Z-axes and several 3D cutting heads. The intelligent, modular system combines the advantages of standard components with the high level of individualisation of our versatile configuration range. STM waterjet cutting systems can also be retrofit through a variety of tuning options. Your system thus grows with you. Our systems cover the complete area of Waterjet cutting. We offer you the entire range, from cutting system to software, trainings and operating supplies all the way to cleaning and recycling systems.

Easy to operate, easy to service and simply that crucial step ahead.
STM waterjet cutting systems are developed with the focus on the user. It is therefore important that our systems are safe and provide the highest ease of use. STM waterjet cutting systems have a compact, user-friendly structure made up of three elements: Cutting table, control unit and high-pressure pump. These three units are perfectly connected in terms of looks and function. Independently from the model, all constructive components and screws are made from stainless steel or aluminium. Characteristic features are a flat bottom as well as the smooth side walls with concealed linear guides without bellows and a highpressure pipe fed through the axes. The fully digital drive consists of brushless AC servo motors with multi-axes NUM CNC control. The corresponding software runs on MS Windows and requires only a standard computer.

The most important thing about a waterjet cutting system is that it cuts. Preferably all the time. We therefore do our utmost to offer our customers perfect service. Starting with training to comprehensive telephone support all the way to complex production consulting. Best possible service to us means that we are glad to give advice on technical problems. No distance is too far and no problem too complicated for our service engineers. You can get spare parts and operating supplies fast and without complications at the STM online shop. And when things do get complicated, our service engineers are ready to offer you solutions for your production issues. We will be happy to support you with preliminary calculations and profitability analyses.

STM Waterjet GmbH Germany will be exhibiting at Foam Expo Europe 2018 at Stand 216.