Future trends in the foam industry: a challenge, opportunity or burden?

Bart ten Brink, President of EUROPUR, opened Foam Expo Europe Conference 2019 with a keynote on industry trends and development, addressing whether trends in the foam industry are a challenge, opportunity or burden. He opened the speech by highlighting “the main future driving factors for the polymeric foam industry are increased investment in the building and construction industry; increased and continuous growth of automotive industry; the ambitious wind energy market; insulation targets; and increased changes in mobility modes will drive transportation industry”.

He went on to explain the other trends developing, following the megatrends including globalisation; economic shifts; regulatory impacts; new economy and digitalisation; and supply chain / value chain issues. “Sustaining certain foam products is at risk if we don’t master pricing aspects” and “Supporting growth of the megatrends include lightweight solutions, foam with functional surfaces, use of recycled products, CO2 polyols, honeycomb systems and many, many more”. Bart concluded his presentation: “so, are trends a challenge, opportunity or burden? They are a challenge, and at the same time also an opportunity but you need to ride the waves of change, innovate yourself into the opportunities and adapt or lose”.