MicroSHOCK: high-impact protection material

Choosing the right material for body protection is not an easy task considering the variety of materials available on the market. The material needs to be reliable for any application.

InterepMicroSHOCK high-impact protection material is a unique technology that has been engineered for body protection and designed to provide comfort and high-performance shock absorption, so it is both lightweight and flexible. It is an ideal protection material to protect the back, the head, the knees, and any other areas where protection is required. It is used by global brands in many sectors such as ski, motorcycle or defence for the conception of body protectors.

Thanks to its cellular structure, the foam dissipates the energy and does not restitute the shock wave, and it will absorb the impact energy and reduce the force transmitted. MicroSHOCK high-impact protection material also has good fire resistance and excellent behaviour when ignited, therefore it is commonly used to manufacture body armours for military and anti-riot applications. 

Last but not least, MicroSHOCK is easy to fabricate as it can be die-cut, waterjet-cut, glued, perforated or even stitched.

Click here to have a taste of their MicroSHOCK material and visit INTEREP at stand #108 at Foam Expo Europe for a live demonstration.