Schmitz Foam for polyethylene foam (XPE) production residues 

Schmitz Foam BVSince 1990, Schmitz BV has focused on processing closed-cell cross-linked polyethylene foam (XPE) production residues. The XPE production residues are the basis for its foam products and are applied to add comfort to synthetic turf applications in various market segments. Since the start of this process, Schmitz developed unique concepts in collecting, hauling and reworking clean XPE production residues. Years of experience have been gained with this very specific material to produce in an effective, clean and sustainable way.

As you are often not able to rework XPE production residues, Schmitz understands that you need to get rid of it in another way. The company takes care of this and ensures that the clean XPE scrap is not dumped as landfill or via waste incineration. It is given a second life in top-performance shock and drainage pads. The purpose is simple; you get rid of your clean XPE scrap and have less disposal costs, and Schmitz gives it a second life in its shock and drainage pads to add comfort to synthetic turf applications. Moreover, the environment will benefit as this is not taxed with indigestible XPE-production residues.

Schmitz BV will be exhibiting at Foam Expo Europe 2019 at Stand 213