Day 3 itinerary, Thursday 12 September: Sustainability



Thursday 12 September: Sustainability is in the spotlight on day three of Foam Expo Europe. Connect with industry experts to boost your knowledge on the sustainability trends that are having a major influence on the foam industry today – from circular economy legislation and recycling to reducing the use of harmful chemicals and adapting to bio-based materials. Improving sustainability along the supply chain is a prominent topic; attend the conference to find answers to your business’s sustainability challenges, and discover smart material and manufacturing solutions on the show floor.


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What's on in Sustainability


All Day

Top-tier exhibitors are ready to showcase their products, materials and solutions to help you put sustainability at the heart of your business.


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09:30 - 14:30

09:30 Keynotes: Implementing the EU’s Circular Economy Package: What to Expect from the EU and National Governments in the Coming Years

Experts from EUMEPS, Ikea, Europur and PU Europe explore the objectives set by the European waste legislation and consider what this means for products at end of life, plus the likely impact of different measures on companies and the market.


10:25 Panel Discussion: Putting Circular Economy Legislation into Action

This expert-led debate taps into challenges faced by the industry in complying with circular economy regulations, the initiatives being undertaken and how end-user circular economy and recycling targets are impacting the industry. 


11:15 Panel Discussion: Completing the Cycle: Overcoming the Key Obstacles of Recycling in the Foam Industry

Speakers from PU Magazine International, JSP, Polystyvert and Vita deep-dive into the initiatives under way to recycle materials such as polystyrene and polyurethanes, steps the industry can take to improve the image of recycled materials against virgin materials, and how European markets can deal with the influx of imported products that contain non-recyclable elements.


13:00 Presentations: Examining the Challenges in Commercialisation of Bio-Based Materials / Green Chemistries

A comprehensive look at the specific applications required for green chemistry and bio-based materials, how production can be kept cost-efficient and how manufacturers can successfully integrate these materials into existing products.


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09:30 - 12:00


09:30: Round-table: Vanquishing High VOC Emission Materials: The Standardisation of Testing and Procurement of Raw Materials

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) are a global concern as tolerances for VOC emissions are becoming increasingly smaller. This raises the question if the this test will meet the requirements needed in these different applications? Speaker from imat-uve will take the audience through points of how foam manufacturers are affected by this. 


10:30: Round-table: Examining the Application of Flame Retardants Whilst Ensuring Material Performance and Cost

During this round table discussion attendees will be able to share knowledge on the latest developments in alternative flame retardants, challenges of implementation and testing methodologies across industries, delivered by Europur. 


11:30: Round-table: REACHing the New Hazardous Chemical Legislative Standards

With the European Union elections and new administration there are questions raised about how the new legislation will be implemented into the production process of foamed materials by different member states. Expert speaker from Isopa will outline the key questions affecting the foam and chemical industries.


Speaking companies include:


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Product Showcase 

11:00 - 11:30


11:00 EPP Forum - Innovative fastening and ducting technologies with EPP

Discover innovative fastening and ducting technologies from EPP – standard parts that enable extremely stable, sustainably sealed, easy-to-assemble and lightweight connections for bead foams.

11:30 BPI - Puresound® E- Next generation of noise reducing foam 

BPI presents Puresound E, an MDI-based, flexible, lighweight and fire-retardant PU foam with exceptioal sound damping and absorption properties


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