Featured Innovation 

Here is a taste of some of the cutting-edge technical foam products, materials and technologies that you will see on display at Foam Expo Europe 2018.

Machine Introduction from Sunkist Chemical Machinery Ltd

With 40 years’ experience in foam machine manufacturing, Sunkist Chemical Machinery has always taken pride in its product portfolio, which covers the entire foam production line. This year, the company is proud to present two highlights of its technological progress: the continuous foaming machine and block storage unit.

sunkistOne of the major concerns manufacturers have about foam production is whether they can produce foam blocks of supreme quality while still maintaining cost efficiency. Sunkist’s SA-1AF foaming machine allows for the foaming of various solutions and guarantees outstanding foam quality as its two high-pressure mixing heads prevent potential chemical contamination and lessen pinholes on the block surface. Its RS and flat-topped systems ensure maximum yields of foam blocks with minimum skin. Once the blowing is complete, the storage unit provides room for curing. Compared with cutting the blocks during foaming, curing before cutting lessens the overall trimming scope and foam shrinkage, therefore saving production costs.

Synchronised and operated automatically, Sunkist’s continuous foaming machine and block storage unit have managed to reduce both the demand for manpower and the waste during foaming. Clients can also optimise their production experience by adding one of the company’s cutting machines that best suits their needs


NF EPS board Has Excellent Fire Resistance as well as Thermal Insulation Performance with A Class of ASTM E84 

IMG PlastecNF EPS board has excellent fire resistance as well thermal insulation performance with A class of ASTM E84. The technology of NF EPS board creates a new foam bead with a non-combustible property by coating with the mixed inorganic solution on the surface of EPS foam bead. By moulding the coated NF EPS foam beads into a block shape, each bead independently forms a honeycomb shape to prevent flame propagation and emission of toxic gas. The surface of each NF EPS bead is changed to thermosetting in fire, preventing EPS from melting in the heat. 

  • Excellent fireproof and thermal insulation performance:

      A class fire prevention; thermal conductivity index is 0.035-0.041W/(M.K)

  • Lightweight:

      Reducing building load to improve safety of the paste. Low density 20kg/ ~ 40kg/

  • Compressive strength >100 KPA
  • Saving energy costs:

      The cost of unit area usage is much lower than PU and rockwool. Same as EPS board

  • Good application on colour-steel and decorative panel:

More convenient applying than PU and Rockwool. Can be used as an insulation and decorative board, to achieve effects like a marble or wood as well as heat preservation, saving considerable cost.

Visit IMG Plastec Co Ltd ast Stand 345

DurProx: Physically Cross-Linked Polyethylene Foam

dufoamDurProx (physically cross-linked polyethylene foam) can be produced with advanced technology and has superior mechanical properties and an advanced dimensional stability. The product is extruded with the help of additives and lasteners,  which is followed by the electron beam process. After the electron beam process with hot oven operation, the physical characteristic of the product increases by means of dilatation, and a product with a very closed-cell structure and a smooth surface is obtained. It can be produced for different sectors in cut plate, roll, tube, extra-laminated or non-laminated forms.

DurSolex: Chemically Cross-Linked Polyethylene Foam

DurSolex (chemically cross-linked polyethylene foam) is a polyethylene foam material that is expanded in heat oven after extrusion with the help of chemical inflators and cross-linking agents that are put inside. It has advanced chemical and mechanical features thanks to its cross-linked structure. Compared with DurProx, the cell structure is larger and the surface is not as smooth. It can be used in many areas where sound, heat, humidity insulation and shock protection are intended. It can be produced for different sectors as cut plate, roll, tube, extra-laminated or non-laminated.

Visit Durfoam at Stand 330. 

IMESA New Lathe Rolls Slitter Model 558

picture 1 The new Model 558 is the perfect blend of quality, handling and quick production. It is the most versatile and evolved of all the IMESA log slitters, and was designed by combining a number of high-technology tools. Now available in the ‘Speedy’ version, it is an ideal solution to meet customer needs for handling, quality, technology and high productivity. The PCU of the new 558 allows the simultaneous processing of all necessary movements, so when the blade trolley is going to catch the roll the PCU has already calculated all the next steps – even blade sharpening or cutting pauses. This new feature allows fast production, saving time (depending on the application, it could save several minutes) and retaining cut quality.

The new 558 permits different materials without changing the knife, and allows the indistinct cutting of: synthetic materials, coated materials, textiles, coated, rubberised and adhesive fabrics and self-adhesive materials, acrylic adhesive foams, non-woven and technical materials, rubber, rubber sheets, foam rubber and similar, films in PVC-PP-PE, graphite, cork and so on. Equipment can be completed with all the new features for the lathe slitters: lateral loader, blade cooling system, roll-holder shaft from 1" up to 6", and much more

Visit IMESA SRL at Stand 640

Armacell Will Showcase its Two Product Lines: PET Foams and Elastomeric Foams

The products Armacell is bringing to Foam Expo are:

armacellArmaForm Core: Structural lightweight PET foam boards, used as a core material in a wide range of composite sandwich structures, produced by Armacell’s patented technology of producing PET foams, made of 100% recycled PET.

ArmaForm Foil: The first fully recyclable and thermoplastic foil product entirely made of recycled PET, with an outstanding operating temperature of up to +180°C. Designed to provide a highly sustainable and improved alternative to XPE and XPP foil products, in thermoforming applications.

ArmaShape: Loose PET beads for large-scale production of ready-to-use 3D shaped foam cores. Mechanical properties of structural foams are combined with the advantages of particle foams: lightweight and strong foam parts that are producible in any shape.

Ensolite EFO: The soft, semi-closed cell (‘crushed’) EPDM foams in roll form are designed for space-filling, noise-reducing applications for quieter performance in mechanical systems mainly for the automotive, white goods and HVAC markets.

EnsoLine ET7: High-temperature-resistant EPDM tubes are used for nearly any protective application – fluid-carrying systems, air-conditioning tubes, fuel systems, brake and fuel products, and heater and radiator hose systems.

Visit Armacell Benelux SA at Stand 714

Eco-Slab – the Machine with no Compromise

Cannon VikingCannon Viking, founded in 1956, has long been an industry pioneer when it comes to innovation and development of new equipment and machinery to produce polyurethane foam. This experience and knowledge has led to the successful launch of the Eco-Slab continuous machine.

For many years, foam producers have struggled with limited production on a box/discontinuous machine as they do not have enough factory space for a continuous foam production machine. As a result, the Eco-Slab has been developed to meet the growing demand from these customers for a compact machine producing a range of top-quality foams for a variety of applications.

A key aim during the design and development of the Eco-Slab was to maintain the same high standards of construction seen on the company’s larger continuous machines. As a result, there has been no compromise in the modular design, quality metering units, precision mixing, Omega controls and the use of a steel slat conveyor. Furthermore, this machine has been designed using tried and tested technology, meaning that customers can be assured that when they invest in an Eco-Slab machine it will meet all their foam production requirements.

Visit Cannon Viking Limited at Stand 446

W. KÖPP Presents Latest Products 

W. KÖPP GmbH & Co KG has a long, illustrious history as a leading manufacturer and processor of cellular rubber, sponge rubber and polyethylene foam. Its products made from the different materials are used throughout the industry and will be found in numerous applications in the automotive, packaging, aerospace and mechanical engineering sectors.

At its successful Romanian production facility, the company is producing its range of KOEPPCell materials: high-quality cellular rubber and polyethylene foam at very competitive prices.

KOEPP extends PE range

W.KOPPW. KÖPP GmbH & Co KG recently extended its range of in-house-fabricated polyethylene foams, which were originally created as pure packaging foam. The company reacted to requests from the market by developing further PE grades to comprehensively serve other applications and industries. New densities (20, 45 and 60kg/m³) were added to the assortment of KOEPPCell materials, and a flame-retardant version will be available in different densities and qualities with conductive and static dissipative characteristics.

The polyethylene as well as the EPDM-PE blend have proven excellent thermoformable features. Parts made from these materials convince with a high contour accuracy, a premium finish and excellent properties for fitting. The whole range of KOEPPCell materials is available from stock.      

Visit W. KÖPP GmbH & Co KG at Stand 124

Foam Recycling is Today, Upcycling is for Tomorrow

institute for polurethanesA lot of polyurethane waste is generated every year in the form of rigid foam (from refrigerators, end-of-life insulation panels), flexible foam (from furniture, mattresses) or as general PUR production waste. INPUT can assist in recycling these polyurethane waste materials by upcycling technology: by the reaction of polyurethane foams with a mixture of multifunctional amines (virgin or recycling amines) at elevated temperatures, a dispersion of polyamines is obtained that can be entirely used – for example, as starting material in autocatalytic foams or other applications such as construction materials. The final products can contain up to 70% waste material in the formulation, and the products are significantly enhanced in value due to the incorporation of functionalities such as flame retardancy, biocidal behaviour or autocatalytic properties.

Visit Instutute for Polyurethane Technology GmbH at Stand 230

Innovative Polyurethane Engine Covers from Pimsa

Pimsa OtomotivThe automotive industry is working to make parts lighter, give higher acoustical performance, obtain products with better thermal performance and emit less CO2.

Pimsa has developed lightweight, efficient, high-temperature-resistant, economical PUR engine covers for internal combustion engines. The product range is both attractive and practical, covering total powertrain encapsulation. The technology includes one-shot or spray with back-foamed composite solutions.

Pimsa develops powertrain encapsulations for major OEMs. These covers provide 30-50% weight reduction with better performance – crucial to stay within coming regulations for internal combustion engines.

Both one-shot or spray-supported PU solutions give better heat resistance as engines become smaller but more powerful. Closing the engine surface is important to keep noise levels down, too. The new polyurethane materials also work with surface contact and are therefore more effective than conventional remote solutions.

Visit Pimsa Otomotiv at Stand 548 to learn more about the company’s innovative products.

Give Your XPE Scrap a Second Life 

Schmitz Schmitz BV focuses on processing closed-cell cross-linked polyethylene foam (XPE) production residues. The XPE production residues are the basis for the company’s foam products and are applied to add comfort to synthetic turf applications in various market segments. Since the start of this process, Schmitz BV has developed unique concepts in collecting, hauling and reworking clean XPE production residues. Years of experience are gained with this very specific material to produce in an effective, clean and sustainable way.

Large foam producers and converters all over the world recognise the added value. As you are often unable to rework XPE production residues, Schmitz BV understands that you need to get rid of it in another way. Schmitz takes care of this and ensures that the clean XPE scrap is not dumped as landfill or via waste incineration. It is given a second life in the company’s top-performance shock and drainage pads. The purpose is simple: you get rid of your clean XPE scrap and have fewer disposal costs. Schmitz gives it a second life in its shock and drainage pads to add comfort to synthetic turf applications. Moreover, the environment will benefit as it is not burdened with indigestible XPE production residues.

Visit Schmitz BV at Stand 202

Beinlich Pumpen at Foam Expo Europe 2018

Beinlich offers a large selection of high-capacity external and internal gear pumps, high-pressure radial piston pumps and progressive cavity pumps.

Beinlich PumpenSpecial focus is on the VISCO.pump and VISCO.mini progressive cavity pumps. These pumps are designed for a precise dosing of filled media with a repeatability of ± 1%. Their lightweight, space-saving design is highly applicable for small three- and four-axis dosing robots.

The series ZPD gear pumps are made for dosing applications in 1C/2C or multicomponent dosing systems, adhesive technology, ink metering and polymer applications. Available in cast-iron and stainless-steel bodies, the ZPD boasts 43 displacement sizes, five shaft seal options and multiple bearing and wear plate choices. Volumetric efficiency values of over 90% are typically achieved.

The compact DARTec gear dosing pump was specifically designed for high-precision dosing of thermally reactive fluids. A protected sealed needle bearing system reduces the amount of solvent required to flush the pump and the amount of downtime between jobs. This also leads to overall improved efficiency, typically > 95%. The DARTec is also available in a low-weight construction (700g) and is optimal for use on three- and four-axis robot dispensing equipment.

Visit Beinlich Pumpen GmbH at Stand 305.

Kaneka to Unveil the Expanded 100% Bio-Based PHBH

Kaneka is dedicated to designing, developing and producing state-of-the-art technologies, enabling its customers in nearly every industry to meet the current and future needs of society.

KanekaKaneka Belgium will highlight a wide array of foam technologies, starting from its well-established lightweight expanded PE and PP (Eperan), foamed Sibstar applications, up to pioneering new developments. Kaneka’s isocyanate-free flexible foam, featuring unique properties, is a result of the company’s groundbreaking achievement in foam MS polymers.

Foam Expo Europe provides the perfect setting for Kaneka to present for the very first time its expanded 100% bio-based PHBH.

In addition to foamed materials and high-performance polymers, Kaneka offers speciality additives to improve the foaming process. One such additive is the PP Modifier, which significantly enhances the expansion ratio of polypropylene (up to 10 times), enabling the production of lightweight parts with a fine cell structure while maintaining the mechanical properties at a high level.

Kaneka’s team of experts will be available throughout the show to discuss how the company’s innovative solutions can help drive the technologically challenging foam industry forward. 

Visit Kaneka at Stand 735 to find out more.


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