Zotefoams 217 x106

“The show’s been great. There are people I’ve bumped into that I’ve known for years and it’s a real industry forum where we can all get together.”

Dr Karl Hewson, Director of Technology and Development, Zotefoams

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“We find Foam Expo to be the most relevant forum in Europe in the world of Technical Foams”

Olivier André, European Market and Portfolio Manager, Saint-Gobain Tape Solutions

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“We were mixing different technologies and the main task for us is to really understand our customers and we are trying to find the best technologies and the answer is near. We are ready and looking for what the best solutions are for our customers within acoustics. Today we have complexes, which are material solutions which combine different aspects of acoustic transmissions.”

Mathieu Gontier, R&D Program Expert, Acoustic, Recticel

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“We’re here for the second time, so we started last year with the show here in Germany and we were very convinced that it was a good show and has a lot of potential for the industry. It’s a great opportunity to bring the people and the industry together and to show what opportunities there are and to find new solutions for the future – we will be back next year”

Indira Gupta, CEO & Marketing Director, Dr Gupta Verlag

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“It is the second year I have visited Foam Expo Europe and my colleagues form Arkema Inc. based in Philadelphia, are participating also at Foam North America. The reason we sponsored this event, is because it is the kind of exhibition I can find the customers of my customers. In fact, I developed the new generation of blowing agents named forane trademark 1233zd, key to manufacturing, the new generation of polyurethanes. The main goal is to speak to the polyurethanes converters and understand better about their end-market. We are present in all the polyurethanes shows, but Foam Expo Europe has two interesting innovations one is the B2B matchmaking meetings and the second us is the 360 sessions with goes beyond ‘the stands’ philosophy.”

Antonio Paranhos Neto, Senior Key Account Manager, Arkema (Fluorochemicals Division)

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“My experience at the show so far has been very good, I’m catching up with people from the industry, exhibitors and I have also been at the conference. Very interesting opening conference session with Bart ten Brink this morning. I will definitely be back again next year”

Per Henning Vaagen, Managing Director, CEO, LAADER BERG

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“Every year it’s a great place to meet old friends and find new ones. It is the place to share ideas and find companies with innovative thinking that are willing to work together to transform the future!”

Alexander Maier, Head of Advanced Development, Greiner Perfoam

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“It has been my first time in Foam Expo, and I think it was interesting to discover new solution and to develop new contacts. I will be here next year!”

Luigi Caracciolo, Project Engineer, ABC International

Zotefoams 217 x106

“The foam we showed today was developed specifically for footwear. We are supplying and have an exclusive deal with Nike, used in the mid-soles of Nike shoes. We have used that technology and adapted it for use in general markets such as the automotive market where people use TPE solid already, we believe that people will recognise the benefits of TPEs in a foam form.”

Dr Karl Hewson, Director of Technology and Development, Zotefoams 

Everad Adhesives

“This is my second year at Foam Expo, and the show has been excellent with quality people from all over Europe, that are looking for specific solutions. I will come back next year!”

Jean David Farre, Business Development and Marketing Manager, Everad Adhesives

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"We have now participated in both the US and Europe and we are happy to be here because it’s a networking opportunity with our customers to supply us and see what kind of innovations take place in the industry. I'm looking forward to meeting customers and the panel discussions and presentations, for example in digitisation, the way to improve processes and sustainability as a topic are all elements that are very fruitful in addition to meeting customers."

Michael Riedel, CEO, FoamPartner

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“It is the second year at Foam Expo Europe 2019. It’s a good place to meet new customers and also a good opportunity to see what competitors can do, we have found new solutions and materials. All feedback is good!”

Daniel Span, Technical Manager, 4k Services

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“I enjoyed the diverse range of foam products on display and the new technologies. The atmosphere was open, relaxed and very positive”

Andrew Kee, Global Director of Chemical Development and applications, Woodbridge Foam Corporation

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“It was my first expo in Germany, and the second at Foam Expo Europe and I see that the expo has grown because the number of leads generated has been more than 120. We will come back next year!”

Frederic Povazson, Commercial Director, Howa Tramico

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"For us in the aviation industry, shows like Foam Expo are very important to see how the industry functions as well as seeing the new projects and new materials our customers are interested in and we are also in a position where we have to source new materials so that we can make materials that are softer and smarter"

Norbert Hessenberger, Head of Innovation and Development, Greiner Aerospace

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“B2B was a great face to face opportunity to meet potential customer and potential partners and further opportunities to follow up with them!”

Sophie Perilleux, PUA TS&D, Dow Silicone

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“Today I’ve been talking about the journey to becoming a cognitive enterprise, and I was looking at the digitalisation of the organisation, all the benefits that come with that the considerations that people should really think about as far as each stage in that journey. From a networking perspective, it’s very important for the industry, you can see here there’s a big community, a big network to be had here. From IBM’s perspective, I am interested in understanding what their interests are around technology, digitalisation, AI, analytics all that kind of stuff.”

Ian Gardner, Industry 4.0 Architect, IBM

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“It’s the first Foam Expo I’ve been to and it’s a new market for us, so we’ve come here to get a general feel for the industry and to look at some business opportunities, and it’s been really good. It’s a lot bigger than I expected and lots of networking opportunities. I’ll definitely be here next year as a visitor and we’ll look at the company exhibiting here next year as well, it’s a good opportunity”

Howard Joyce, National Sales Manager, Polytech International Ltd

Zotefoams 217 x106

“It’s been great, we’ve made some great leads, we’ve spoke to a lot of our customers, we’ve made new contacts with some very interesting people. We’re super excited to be here and can’t wait for the next two days”

Dr Margaret Wegrzyn, Business Development Manager, Zotefoams

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“Foam Expo is an ideal place to be, which is why I committed to doing my second keynote speech in the second year of the conference, to meet and greet, to share ideas about what will be important in the years to come in the polymeric foam market worldwide. I’m really looking forward to new innovations in themes like sustainability and circular economy, the use of biodegradable materials, so it’s a nice place to get to know what everyone is thinking in the industry in years to come.”

Bart ten Brink, President, EUROPUR

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“It is our first time at Foam Expo Europe and we find that it is a great opportunity to meet technical people, to develop our business and to create long term partnerships. We will see you at Foam Expo next year!”

Gabriella Bocca, Commercial Sales Manager, Lamebo

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“We are a producer of double-sided tapes, so we are working with a company within the automobile sector and white goods, and also producers of insulation products. It was so great, I started my job three months ago, so I learnt lots of information about my sector and I meet with competitors of ours, so it was great for me.” 

Rana Kaya, Sales Specialist, AVX Tapes

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"Our experience at the show has been great. When we heard that Foam Expo was coming it was big news for us and we decided to go in 2017 in the US with our partner and of course when the show came to Europe, it was necessary for us to be there as exhibitors as the experience was terrific. We have big numbers of visitors and are always busy throughout the three days."

Cyril Bisbrouck, Deputy General Manager, Interflex

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“It a very industry specific exhibition with quality visitors and with us being an Indian manufacturer it gives us the opportunity to explore and discover more solutions and opportunity in Europe. Very well organised”

Brijesh Patel, Managing Director, Aerolam Insulations pvt

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“Our product showcase today was really good. We didn’t know what to expect but many people came, so it was really crowded at our booth and it was perfect for us to show our new innovations. It is the first time we have exhibited at Foam Expo here in Germany and we have had lots of leads here and high-quality contacts as well.”

Alexander Dewald, European Marketing Communications Manager, Saint-Gobain

Thanks to the organizing team for bringing circularity to this expo, highlighting the relevance and bringing people together to look for common directions. I was very happy to share the journey we are on in IKEA towards a circular business, with only renewable or recycled materials. Foam is a key component in our current mattress and sofa range, but to meet our targets will require a big movement in the industry. 

Caroline McGarvey, Sustainability Manager, Category Area Comfort, IKEA 






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"Foam Expo Europe held a really specialized and focused event. During Foam Expo North America, we found many new leads which we have found an ideal solution for their production. Meeting producers and converters in the same place for us so important. We can take the chance to discuss with them about their production needs and show, explain and deepen our solutions: often we know the application, we know how to do, and we have the proper machine to do it. For Producers and Converters it is so important too, for getting a first sight at our machineries and become aware of our technology and knowhow. We've participated in this show from the begining and plan to be part of it for many editions to come."

Emanuele Evangelisti, Sales Area, IMESA s.r.l.

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"They have the whole package! Industry focused conferences, which can be upon your choice technical, market or application centric, coupled with a full set of exhibitors from the whole foam industry. The "human" size of the show makes it the perfect place if you intended to gather either knowledge, future partners or new product / application ideas. From my personal experience the show met my expectations and provided me with directions if not answers to most of my questions and product challenges. Definitively worth to attend!"

Frederic Sicard, Research lead engineer - Composite & Process, Jaguar and Land Rover. 

Sealed Air

''The shows been fantastic, really well organised, a great mixture of machinery and conversion and suppliers so were very happy to attend.''

Peter Nicholls, Packaging Application Centre Manager, Sealed Air 

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"We want to sincerely thank you for the professional organisation managed by the Smarter Shows team and the successful event of Foam Expo 2018. Interests and contacts really exceeded our expectations."

Benoit Martin, Suteau-Anver 

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"Baumer were happy to join the FoamExpo Hanover for their first show as we had heard so many good things about the past years held in Novi USA.The show was for German standards quite small but this intermit gathering allowed a very personal opportunity to meet and greet so many existing and new customers. We look forward to our continued relationship with the FoamExpo show. It was a well organized and friendly atmosphere all round."

Terry Borchard, Sales and Key Account Manager, Baumer of America Inc.

Avery Dennsion 217 x 106

''So, we attended Foam Expo in the US last year and this year, right from the very beginning in the US and it was a very productive show for us. I think the fact that it’s very compact and very specific, a lot of very closely associated businesses from the start we wanted to be here from the get go. I think that even from the very start this morning its' been very solid and full, a lot of visitors to the booth and it's been constantly busy, the venues good.''

Colleen Ward, Vice President Global Marketing, Avery Dennison

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“A very interesting fair from all points of view, technical and commercial. In a single space you can understand what happens in many sectors of this industry, raw materials, machinery, customers, competitors, etc. Complemented by interesting technical conferences” 

José V. Fernández Morales - Application Engineering Manager, Trocellen Ibérica S.A.

Zotefoams 217 x106

''We have exhibited at Foam Expo US previously and we’ve had a good turn out there and good quality leads so were very happy to be here for the first Foam Expo Europe. We’ve had a very good start and collected more leads than we anticipated and run out of brochures and seen a good quality of visitor. Very happy so far.''

Rosemary Alton, Group Marketing Director, Zotefoams

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“It´s been my first time at the FoamExpo and surely not my last. I experienced a small but mighty expo with all the important players in the market. I had fruitful conversations and the presentations gave a good overlook of what is happening in the market at the moment.”

Christian Probst, Business Development Manager, Nouryon


''I think it’s a fantastic show, I heard about it first in the US and now for the first time in Europe. Lots of very good and interesting companies located in one place.''

Roman Ploczek, EMEA Business Development Manager and Converters Transportation Business Sector, Nitto 

Netzsch 217 x 106

''We’ve had a lot of interesting talks here, so lots of people visiting us with their different problems. Very interesting for us and we hope to deepen the relationship with those guys further.''

Alexander Spengler, Customer Training, Netzsch

 Foam Expo Europe logo

''This is the first day, we are excited to be here for the first time. We are looking for suppliers of cutting machines, it’s great to be here.''

Wojciech Mierzejewskim, Foam & Rubber Converting 


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''Its my first event in this industry and it’s a great chance to meet all the different producers in this industry. It’s a pleasure to be here and its well organised and a great opportunity to meet all the decision makers of different companies.''

Benedict Waehlisch, Purchasing Manager, Gergonne 

Everad Adhesives

''It’s very good, concentrated and effective.''

Lieven Daeleman, Area Technical & Sales Manager, Everad Adhesives SAS


"I’ve had a terrific day, a lot of people, it’s a very intense show and everybody is in the foam business here so everybody knows what foam is. It’s all pretty high quality, everybody visits you and knows what they are looking for as well, we’ve enjoyed it."

James Godfrey, Sales Director, UFM



"We had a very good, fantastic day yesterday. We had a lot of customers. Right from the beginning, people were here and we sold two machines here yesterday, what more can you expect for a first day."

Christopher Thornhill, Director, ATOM

Armacell 217 x 106

''Foam Expo Europe is really great to meet peers from around the globe; we have people here from Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Europe and the US, so coming here and seeing what the industry is doing in one place is much more efficient than going around the world and meeting these people in their own countries.''

Norman R. Rafael, Chief Corporate Development & Investor Relations Officer, Armacell International S.A.

Palziv 217 x 106

''It's just been a great show from start to finish for both the days that I've been here. Existing customers, new customers, I've spoken to people from all over the world as far as Australia, it's been a fantastic experince.'' 

Mark Cox, Manager, Palziv Ltd 

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"The 1st edition of Foam Expo ‘Europe’ has proven to be a really worthwhile dedicated event to the foam industry has created a buzz of positive comments. CMC have closed 4 new machine orders which rapidly promoted Carlo Cevenini to book their stand for next year."

Phil Johnson – Ramfoam, Pasquale Romeo – UK Operations Manager


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